Inspiration & Kidspiration


Reasons for use

  • graphic organizer / mind-mapping / webbing tool to help students and teachers plan, organize, and communicate information visually
  • complete with thousands of images and hundreds of templates
  • instantly take notes visually with rapid-fire feature
  • Kidspiration - Grades K-6
  • Inspiration - Grades 6 and up



Inspiration - "The essential tool to visualize, think, organize and learn"

  • More resources and video tutorials are available once you open the program

Kidspiration - "The visual way to explore and understand words, numbers and concepts"
  • Kidspiration Quick Start Tutorials - Comprehensive video tutorials illustrating the key features of Kidspiration. These tutorials are a great starting point for learning how to use Kidspiration
  • Kidspiration Web Site - Overview of software, educator resources, examples, lesson plan integration, and more

  • Curriculum Integration - Simply select a grade and subject area to find practical examples, lesson plans and real-life classroom stories